Discover Different Uses For Stairlifts

Most people think that a stairlift only has one use – getting a person over the stairs safely. While this is a primary reason for stairlifts, this is not the only one. There are accessories available to make the most use out of these home devices.


Carrying people in a stair chair from one floor to another is important for those who cannot safely walk up the steps without danger of falling. People who use adjustable walking canes might need extra help, especially for long, winding staircases. Here is where a curved stairlift becomes irreplaceable. Sitting in a stair chair reduces the risk of falls. Moreover, people can also carry small, lightweight objects on their laps while riding to another floor.


Going grocery shopping poses its own set of challenges for people using canes and walking sticks. The idea behind a cane is to provide balance. When someone has to hold grocery bags in one hand and a cane in the other – or both in one hand, this disrupts their balance. Stairlifts can provide a quick and convenient method for carrying groceries upstairs. They can be set in the stair chair for someone to retrieve on the other end. Another option is to use special accessories to hang them on the device while the rider sits in the stair chair.

Multiple Trips

Making multiple trips by foot with heavy objects increases fatigue and the chances of falling. Stairlifts can be used to tote items such as cartons, vacuum cleaners or laundry. This makes things easier not only for people with mobility issues but also caregivers and family members who are often the ones making the extra trips up and down stairs simply because they can.

As you can see, besides getting somebody over the stairs safely, stairlifts have several other uses. These mobility devices can make life much easier for people who use walking canes or need extra support moving around.