Get Summer Chic with 10 inch Brazilian Hair Extensions

This summer both the Weather Channel and your body is screaming one thing: it’s hot!  It’s too hot to be dependent on your flat iron or hair dryer.

If you’re looking for a look that’s low on the maintenance and high on the sexy, the short curly bob is for you.  And while there are plenty of times that you must suffer to look fabulous, this isn’t one of them.

Brazilian Curly 2

Put away the usual straight hair extensions and break out the 10 inches Brazilian short curly hair. Halle Berry Brazilian hair short is sexy.  Just ask the gorgeous Halle Berry who went from cropped pixie do to long luscious hair extensions and then this short curly bob.

You know what makes this a summer sexy look?  Summer is all about comfort with a chic twist.  Your summer wardrobe is all about being casual and comfy.  A curly bob will compliment your summer look without being messy or frumpy.  Take both your comfort and your look up a notch with 10-inch Brazilian hair extensions.

Get Your Hair Extensions Ready for the Beach

We’re more than halfway through July and if you haven’t hit the beach or spent a little time poolside, you’re wasting the summer away. Whatever it is keeping you away from having a refreshing dip, it shouldn’t be your hair extensions. Sure, chlorine and salt water are big no-no’s when it comes to quality Remy hair extensions, but you can protect your hair from the elements by taking a few precautions.

The best way to protect your Remy hair extensions is by wrapping it up under a swim cap before you hit the water. Make sure that the swim cap is waterproof. For the ladies who want the added protection, wrap the hair in saran wrap under the swim cap. (Yes, you will look like Conehead in the water. But when it’s all said and done, your hair will be fabulous at the poolside bar afterward!)

For the divas who need to always look photo ready even in the water, there is another way. After you’ve put on your swimsuit, rinse your hair extensions with fresh water and conditioner. (This will prevent your hair from absorbing so much of the chlorinated or salt water in the ocean or pool.) Then braid your hair into a loose braid and secure with a hair tie to keep your hair from being matted or tangled while you swim.

After the swim, wash your hair extensions immediately with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all of chlorine or salt from the hair shaft. Follow that up with your normal washing routine. And if you can’t wash the hair extensions right away, at least rinse them with fresh water and put a little leave-in conditioner in until you can perform the whole wash/shampoo routine.