Isinis Hair Brush

Isinis paddle brush is one among the versatile collection of Isinis products. This brand has widely accepted for the different hair care and styling accessories that it has come up with. Those that have used it proclaim it to be the best among its kind. Various other brands are also there that sell hair brushes but none can satisfy the user in such a varied proportion as this one. Isinis hair brushes have a very strong body and are very durable for day to day use. It has a ball-tipped finish gives a gentle massage every time it is used.

Isinis hair brushes contain differently designed devices that every user would love to have. Isinis handbag pneumatic hairbrush has a pneumatic cushion base and is very gentle on the scalp. It prevents excessive breakage due to pulling of hair. Pneumatic 11-row hairbrush, pink pneumatic handbag hairbrush, senior pneumatic 13-row brush with lots of variation available according to hair type are all Isinis products that create a mass appeal. Isinis has also come up with the small folded hair brushes. The price varies from $8 to $30. This brand is easily affordable without making a big whole in our pockets as the other branded products usually do.

A listing of potential wellness topics and ideas not previously mentioned follows. Take some time to “think tank and brainstorm” new ideas with your own internal worker Health Promotion Committee.

Nutrition Category

  • Low-fat campaign/food groups
  • Team salad bars
  • Vending machine changes
  • Diet analysis by a nutritionist
  • Produce on parade
  • Eating disorder support group
  • Restaurant education

Exercise/Exercise Category

  • “Elevoiders” – stair climbing
  • Poker walk
  • Mall walking program
  • Facilities – showers, bike lockers, exercise space, etc.
  • Team treks
  • Walk-a-block trails
  • Recreational tournaments
  • How-to-select equipment talks