Professional Ionic Hairdryers

Professional ionic hairdryers are increasing in popularity due partly to the fact that a lot of hair salons use them for drying and styling hair. They are also marketed to be safer for the hair compared to other professional hooded hair dryers.

The hair has both positive and negative ions. When hair is wet, it is positively charged. Professional ionic hairdryers reconstruct the ion clusters in the hair when they emit negative ions. These negative ions allow small amounts of water to be absorbed by the hair which results in its rehydration. This kind of hairdryer is considered by many to be the best hooded hair dryer as it keeps the hair healthy. They give the hair that extra shine we see in television commercials and they keep it from drying up and becoming unhealthy.

People who frequently use hooded hair dryers may notice that their hair has become dry and frizzy. This is due to the fact that that regular hooded hair dryers blow hot air through a nichrome wire that generates the heat. The problem with using regular hooded hair dryers is they blow hot air directly to the hair causing it to dry up and become unhealthy. Professional ionic hairdryers, such as the tourmaline hooded hair dryer, are proven to prevent the hair from damage and dryness as it blows air directly to the hair shaft so that only a small amount of hot air is received by the hair itself.

Professional ionic hooded hair dryers are also said to dry the hair faster compared to other hooded hair dryers because it uses infrared heat technology. Ionic hooded hair dryers may be a little more expensive than your traditional hooded hair dryer but buying them can give you considerable benefits that can definitely outweigh the cost of the product. Some of these benefits include:

Professional ionic hooded hair dryers are more durable than regular hooded hair dryers. This is due to the fact that most hooded hair dryers only use regular metal coils to as a heating mechanism. As a result, the frequent use of regular hooded hair dryers can make the metal coils too hot and cause malfunction. Overheating may also result to a lot of damage in your hair.

Using this kind of hooded hair dryer gives your hair the extra shine that you cannot get anywhere else. Styling with a regular hooded hair dryer can just end up making your hair dry whereas using professional ionic hooded hair dryers can give you the best results.

One type of ionic hooded hair dryer, the ceramic ionic hooded hair dryer, neutralizes the heat so that the hair doesn’t feel too hot when blow dried. They are actually one of the most popular types of hooded hair dryers used in hair salons.

Professional ionic hooded hair dryers are commonly used in hair salons as they give better results than regular hooded hair dryers. If you are planning to get rid of that old hooded hair dryer, get a professional ionic hairdryer as they are more efficient and they keep your hair healthy.